2MSK2125/2MSK2135 CNC powerful honing machine

The machine tool is mainly composed of spindle, feeding mechanism, clamping device and other parts. When working, the workpiece is fixed on the fixture, and the spindle is driven by the motor through the transmission mechanism to rotate, so that the table makes up and down reciprocating motion. When the workpiece is studied on the table by extrusion and plastic deformation to achieve the purpose of cutting, so as to obtain the required shape accuracy and surface roughness.

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Working Principle:
The spindle is mounted on the guideway frame above the bed. Its front end is connected with the motor, and the rear end is connected with the reducer through the pulley. Motor through the belt drive reducer output gear oil lubrication of high-pressure lubricant to the spindle end face through the overflow valve into the coolant tank circulating coolant cooling and then return to the spindle bearing housing bearing cavity for lubrication and cooling.

Deep hole honing machine in the honing process, the abrasive bar and the workpiece always maintain constant pressure, so that the abrasive bar for strong grinding, to ensure the efficiency of deep hole machining, the general cylindrical deep hole parts, rough boring after fine precision honing, if you use the cold-drawn steel pipe, you can directly carry out the strong honing, change the deep hole machining of the traditional process of multi-procedure process methods, deep hole honing machine to improve the productivity. The honed parts are made of cast iron and various types of steel, including hardened workpieces. This machine tool is suitable for honing and polishing of cylindrical deep hole workpieces, such as various hydraulic cylinders, cylinders and other precision tubes. 

The Main Technical Parameters

The scope of work 2MSK2125 2MSK2135
Processing diameter range Φ35~Φ250 Φ60~Φ350
Maximum processing depth 1-12m 1-12m
Workpiece clamping diameter range Φ50~Φ300 Φ75~Φ400
Spindle part  
Spindle center height 350mm 350mm
Rod box part
Rotation speed of grinding rod box (stepless) 25~250r/min 25~250r/min
Feed part  
Range of carriage reciprocating speed  4-18m/min 4-18m/min
Motor part  
Motor power of grinding rod box  11kW (frequency conversion) 11kW (frequency conversion)
Reciprocating motor power 5.5kW 5.5kW
Other parts  
Cooling system flow 100L/min 100L/min
Working pressure of grinding head expansion 4MPa 4MPa
Beijing KND (standard) SIEMENS828 series, FANUC, etc. are optional, and special machines can be made according to the workpiece  

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