TS21100/TS21100G/TS21160 heavy-duty deep hole drilling and boring machine

Machine tool usage:

Drilling, boring and nesting processing of large diameter and heavy parts can be completed.

Product Detail

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Processing technology

● The workpiece rotates at low speed during processing, and the tool rotates and feeds at high speed.
● Drilling process adopts BTA internal chip removal technology.
● When boring, the cutting fluid is supplied from the boring bar to the front (head end of the bed) to discharge the cutting fluid and remove the chips.
● The nesting adopts the process of external chip removal, and it needs to be equipped with special nesting tools, tool holders and special fixtures.
● According to processing needs, the machine tool is equipped with a drilling (boring) rod box, and the tool can be rotated and fed.

The main technical parameters

The scope of work
Drilling diameter range Φ60~Φ180mm
Maximum diameter of boring hole Φ1000mm
Nesting diameter range Φ150~Φ500mm
Maximum boring depth 1-20m (one size per meter)
Chuck clamping diameter range Φ270~Φ2000mm
Spindle part
Spindle center height 1250mm
Conical hole at the front end of the bedside box Φ120
Taper hole at the front end of the headstock spindle Φ140 1:20
Spindle speed range of headbox 1~190r/min; 3 gears stepless
Feed part
Feed speed range 5-500mm/min; stepless
Fast moving speed of pallet 2m/min
Motor part 
Main motor power 75kW
Hydraulic pump motor power 1.5kW
Fast moving motor power 7.5 kW
Feed motor power 11kW
Cooling pump motor power 11kW+5.5kWx4 (5 groups)
Other parts 
Rail width 1600mm
Rated pressure of cooling system 2.5MPa
Cooling system flow 100, 200, 300, 400, 700L/min
Rated working pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa
The oil applicator can withstand the maximum axial force 68kN
The maximum tightening force of the oil applicator to the workpiece 20 kN
Drill pipe box part (optional)
Taper hole at the front end of the drill pipe box Φ120
Taper hole at the front end of the spindle of the drill pipe box Φ140 1:20
Spindle speed range of the drill pipe box 16~270r/min; 12 levels
Drill pipe box motor power 45KW

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