TS21160X13M heavy-duty deep hole drilling and boring machine

Machine tool usage:

Drilling, boring and nesting processing of large diameter and heavy parts can be completed.

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Processing technology

● The workpiece rotates at low speed during processing, and the tool rotates and feeds at high speed.
● Drilling process adopts BTA internal chip removal technology.
● When boring, the cutting fluid is supplied from the boring bar to the front (head end of the bed) to discharge the cutting fluid and remove the chips.
● The nesting adopts the process of external chip removal, and it needs to be equipped with special nesting tools, tool holders and special fixtures.
● According to processing needs, the machine tool is equipped with a drilling (boring) rod box, and the tool can be rotated and fed.

technical parameters

The basic technical parameters of the machine tool:

Drilling diameter range Φ50-Φ180mm
Boring diameter range Φ100-Φ1600mm
Nesting diameter range Φ120-Φ600mm
Maximum boring depth 13m
Center height (from flat rail to spindle center) 1450mm
Diameter of the four-jaw chuck 2500mm (claws with force-increasing mechanism).
Spindle aperture of headstock Φ120mm
Taper hole at the front end of the spindle Φ120mm, 1;20
Spindle speed range and number of stages 3~190r/min stepless speed regulation
Main motor power 110kW
Feed speed range  0.5~500mm/min (AC servo stepless speed regulation)
Fast moving speed of carriage  5m/min
Drill pipe box spindle hole Φ100mm
Taper hole at the front end of the spindle of the drill rod box  Φ120mm, 1;20.
Drill rod box motor power 45kW
Spindle speed range and level of drill pipe box  16~270r/min 12 grades
Feed motor power 11kW (AC servo stepless speed regulation)
Cooling pump motor power 5.5kWx4+11 kWx1 (5 groups)
Hydraulic pump motor power 1.5kW, n=1440r/min
Rated pressure of cooling system  2.5MPa
Cooling system flow 100, 200, 300, 400, 700L/min
Load capacity of machine tool 90t
The overall dimensions of the machine tool (length x width) About 40x4.5m

The weight of the machine tool is about 200 tons.
13% full value-added tax invoices can be issued, responsible for transportation, installation and commissioning, test runs, processing of workpieces, training of operators and maintenance personnel, one-year warranty.
Various specifications and types of deep hole processing tools can be customized according to customer requirements.
It can be commissioned and processed on behalf of the workpiece.
The parts of existing machine tools can be modified according to the specific processing requirements of customers. Those who are interested and those who have information chat privately.

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