ZSK2104E CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Mainly used for deep hole machining of various shaft parts.

Suitable for processing all kinds of steel parts (also for drilling aluminum parts).

Such as alloy steel, stainless steel and other materials, part hardness ≤HRC45, processing aperture Ø5~Ø40mm, maximum hole depth 1000mm.

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Machine tool usage

● Single station, single CNC feed axis.
● The machine tool has reasonable structure layout, strong rigidity, sufficient power, long life, good stability, simple operation and maintenance, and cheap, sufficient and timely cooling of coolant and constant temperature.
● The joint parts and moving parts of the machine are reliably sealed and do not leak oil.
● Using external chip removal drilling method (gun drilling method), one continuous drilling can replace the machining accuracy and surface roughness that generally require drilling, expanding, and reaming processes.
● The machine tool is required to automatically protect the machine tool and parts when there is no coolant or power failure, and the tool automatically exits.

product drawing

ZSK2104E CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine-2
ZSK2104E CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine-1

The Main Technical Parameters

The main technical specifications and parameters of the machine tool:

Drilling diameter range φ5~φ40mm
Maximum drilling depth 1000mm
Spindle speed of headstock 0~500 r/min (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation) or fixed speed
Motor power of the bedside box ≥3kw (gear motor)
Spindle speed of drill pipe box 200~4000 r/min (frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)
Drill pipe box motor power ≥7.5kw
Spindle feed speed range 1-500mm/min (servo stepless speed regulation)
Feed motor torque ≥15Nm
Rapid movement speed Z axis 3000mm/min (servo stepless speed regulation)
The height of the spindle center from the worktable surface ≥240mm
Machining accuracy Aperture accuracy IT7~IT10
Hole surface roughness Ra0.8~1.6
Outlet deviation of drilling centerline ≤0.5/1000

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