ZSK2302/ ZSK2303 Three-axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine

Deep hole processing for drilling three coordinates.

It is a high-efficiency, high-precision, high-automation machine tool that uses external chip removal method (gun drilling method) to drill small holes.

Processing quality that can be guaranteed by drilling, expanding and reaming processes can be achieved through one continuous drilling.


Product Detail

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● The aperture accuracy is IT7-IT10.
● Surface roughness RA3.2-0.04μm.
● The straightness of the center line of the hole is ≤0.05mm per 100mm length.

Application industry

● Water hole, perforation hole and electric heating hole in plastic mold industry.
● Valves, distributors and pump bodies for hydraulic machinery industry.
● Engine cylinder blocks, fuel supply system parts, transmission system parts, steering mechanism housings and steering shafts in the automobile and tractor industries.
● Propellers and landing gears for the aerospace industry.
● Deep hole processing of heat exchange plates and other parts in the generator industry.

product drawing

ZSK2303 Series Three-axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine-2
ZSK2303 Series Three-axis CNC Deep Hole Drilling Machine-2

The Main Technical Parameters

The scope of work ZSK2302  ZSK2303
Drilling diameter range Φ4~Φ20mm Φ5~Φ30mm
Maximum drilling depth 300-1000m 300-2000m
Maximum lateral movement of the workpiece 600mm 1000mm
The maximum vertical direction of the lifting platform is formed 300mm 300mm
Spindle part
Spindle center height 60mm 60mm
Drill pipe box part
Number of spindle axis of drill pipe box 1 1
Spindle speed range of drill pipe box 800~6000r/min; stepless 800~7000r/min; stepless
Feed part
Feed speed range 10-500mm/min; stepless 10-500mm/min; stepless
Fast moving speed 3000mm/min 3000mm/min
Motor part
Drill pipe box motor power 4kW frequency conversion speed regulation 4kW variable frequency speed regulation
Feed motor power 1.5kW 1.6kW
Other parts
Rated pressure of cooling system 1-10MPa adjustable 1-10MPa adjustable
Maximum flow of cooling system 100L/min 100L/min
Cooling oil filtration precision 30μm 30μm
Beijing KND (standard) SIEMENS 828 series, FANUC, etc. are optional, and special machines can be made according to the workpiece situation  

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