Deep hole customized special machine

Reaming of internal bores can be easily accomplished with this machine, resulting in efficient and precise drilling operations. Whether you’re working on small or large projects, this machine ensures accuracy and quality in every hole you drill.

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Basic process performance of the machine tool:
● One of the standout features of our deep hole custom machines is their ability to hold the workpiece securely on the table. This feature provides stability and reduces vibration, ultimately improving overall drilling performance. The intelligent design of the tool rotates and feeds seamlessly to ensure smooth drilling operations.
● Another key feature of our machine is its cooling and lubrication system. High-quality coolant entering through two reliable hoses continuously cools and lubricates the cutting area. This cooling mechanism not only helps maintain optimum temperature conditions, but also effectively eliminates chips, maximizing productivity and efficiency.
● In terms of machining accuracy, our custom-made special machines for deep holes stand out from the competition. By using precision tools, we guarantee impressive bore accuracy ranging from IT7 to IT8. Our machines are ideally suited for industries that demand the highest standards, ensuring that even the most complex projects are completed with the utmost precision.
● The reaming of the inner hole can be completed on this machine.
● When processing, the workpiece is fixed on the worktable, and the tool is rotated and fed.
● The coolant enters the cutting area through two hoses to cool and lubricate the cutting area and take away the chips.

The machining accuracy of the machine tool:
● Depending on the tool, the aperture accuracy is IT7~8, and the surface roughness is Ra0.1~0.8.

product drawing

2MSK2105 vertical diamond honing and reamer special machine tool

The Main Technical Parameters

The basic technical parameters of the machine tool:

Reaming diameter range


Reaming up and down stroke


Spindle speed range

5~500r/min (stepless)

Main motor power

4KW (servo motor)

Feed motor

2.3KW (15NM )

(servo motor)

Feed speed range


Working desk size


Horizontal travel of worktable


Longitudinal stroke of worktable


Cooling system flow


Maximum size of workpiece




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