TCS2150 CNC turning and boring machine

Specially process the inner hole and outer circle of cylindrical workpiece.

The function of turning the outer circle is added on the basis of the deep hole drilling and boring machine.

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In terms of safety, the TCS2150 has been designed with operator protection in mind. Equipped with advanced safety features and built-in guards, this machine ensures a safe working environment without compromising productivity. You can rest assured knowing your operators are well protected while still being able to maximize the efficiency of your machining process.

In conclusion, the TCS2150 CNC lathe and boring machine is a versatile and reliable solution for all your machining needs. With its ability to machine the inner and outer circles of cylindrical workpieces, customizable options for deformed products, precision, speed, user-friendly interface, and advanced safety features, this machine is the first choice for any machining operation. Invest in the TCS2150 and experience unrivaled performance, efficiency and quality in your machining process.

The machine tool is a series of products, and various deformed products can be provided according to customer needs.

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TCS2150 CNC turning and boring machine01
TCS2150 CNC turning and boring machine02
TCS2150 CNC turning and boring machine03

The Main Technical Parameters

The scope of work 
Drilling diameter range Φ40~Φ120mm
Maximum diameter of boring hole Φ500mm
Maximum boring depth 1-16m (one size per meter)
Turning the largest outer circle Φ600mm
Workpiece clamping diameter range Φ100~Φ660mm
Spindle part 
Spindle center height 630mm
Front aperture of bedside box Φ120
Taper hole at the front end of the headstock spindle Φ140 1:20
Spindle speed range of the headstock 16~270r/min; Level 12
Drill pipe box part 
Front end aperture of drill pipe box Φ100
Taper hole at the front end of the spindle of the drill rod box Φ120 1:20
Spindle speed range of drill rod box 82~490r/min; 6 levels
Feed part 
Feed speed range 0.5-450mm/min; stepless
Fast moving speed of pallet 2m/min
Motor part 
Main motor power 45KW
Drill pipe box motor power 30KW
Hydraulic pump motor power 1.5KW
Fast moving motor power 5.5 KW
Feed motor power 7.5KW
Cooling pump motor power 5.5KWx3+7.5KWx1 (4 groups)
Other parts 
Rated pressure of cooling system  2.5MPa
Cooling system flow 100, 200, 300, 600L/min
Rated working pressure of hydraulic system 6.3MPa
Z axis motor 4KW
X axis motor 23Nm (stepless speed regulation)

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