ZSK2104C Plate Processing Deep Hole Drilling Machine

The ZSK2104C deep hole drilling machine for sheet metal processing is designed to deliver excellent results with its state-of-the-art features and high performance. The machine features solid construction and heavy-duty components for stability and durability, allowing it to handle the toughest drilling tasks with ease.

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One of the standout features of this machine is its deep hole drilling capabilities. Equipped with advanced drilling technology, it can easily drill holes with depths from 10mm to an impressive 1000mm, meeting the various needs of different industries. Whether you need to drill precise holes in sheet metal or perform deep hole drilling in large structural components, the ZSK2104C can do it.

In terms of versatility, the ZSK2104C stands out. It can accommodate a wide variety of materials including steel, aluminum and various alloys, allowing complete flexibility for your drilling application. Whether you are in the automotive, aerospace or oil and gas industries, this machine can meet your specific drilling needs.

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The Main Technical Parameters

The scope of work 
Drilling diameter range Φ20~Φ40MM
Maximum drilling depth 100-2500M
Spindle part 
Spindle center height 120mm
Drill pipe box part 
Number of spindle axis of drill pipe box 1
Spindle speed range of drill rod box 400~1500r/min; stepless
Feed part 
Feed speed range 10-500mm/min; stepless
Fast moving speed 3000mm/min
Motor part 
Drill pipe box motor power 11KW frequency conversion speed regulation
Feed motor power 14Nm
Other parts 
Rated pressure of cooling system 1-6MPa adjustable
Maximum flow rate of cooling system 200L/min
Worktable size Determined according to workpiece size
Beijing KND (standard) SIEMENS 828 series, FANUC, etc. are optional, and special machines can be made according to the workpiece situation

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