TSK2280 CNC deep hole drilling and boring machine

The boring method of this machine is push boring with forward chip removal, which is granted by the oiler and delivered directly to the cutting zone through a special oil pipe. Machining is done by chuck and top plate clamping, with the workpiece rotating and the boring bar doing Z-feed motion.

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Main parameters of the machine

TS21300 is a heavy-duty deep hole machining machine, which can complete the drilling, boring and nesting of deep holes of large-diameter heavy parts. It is suitable for the processing of large oil cylinder, high-pressure boiler tube, cast pipe mold, wind power spindle, ship transmission shaft and nuclear power tube. The machine adopts high and low bed layout, the workpiece bed and cooling oil tank are installed lower than the drag plate bed, which meets the requirements of large diameter workpiece clamping and coolant reflux circulation, meanwhile, the center height of the drag plate bed is lower, which guarantees the stability of feeding. The machine is equipped with a drilling rod box, which can be selected according to the actual processing condition of the workpiece, and the drilling rod can be rotated or fixed. It is a powerful heavy-duty deep hole machining equipment integrating drilling, boring, nesting and other deep hole machining functions.

Main parameters of the machine

Category Item Unit Parameters
Processing precision Aperture accuracy


IT9 - IT11
 Surface roughness μ m Ra6.3
mn/m 0.12
Machine specification Center height mm 800
Max. Boring diameter


Min. Boring diameter


Max. Hole depth mm 8000
Chuck diameter


Chuck clamping diameter range


 Max. Workpiece weight kg ≧10000
Spindle drive Spindle speed range r/min 2~200r/min stepless
Main motor power kW 75
Center rest Oil feeder moving motor kW 7.7, Servo motor
Center rest mm φ300-900
Workpiece bracket mm φ300-900
 Feeding drive Feeding speed range mm/min 0.5-1000
Number of variable speed stages for feed rate 级 step  stepless
Feeding motor power kW 7.7, servo motor
Rapid moving speed mm/min ≥2000
Cooling system Cooling pump motor power KW 7.5*3
Cooling pump motor speed r/min 3000
Cooling system flow rate L/min 600/1200/1800
Pressure Mp. 0.38


CNC system




Machine weight t 70

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